The TSTT Team

The Terascale Simulation Tools and Technology center comprises researchers from seven institutions including six DOE laboratories (Argonne, Brookhaven, Lawrence Livermore, Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest, and Sandia) and two universities ( Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and SUNY Stony Brook). The TSTT center management consists of Jim Glimm (from BNL/SUNY SB), David Brown (LLNL) and Lori Freitag (SNL) who are supported by an executive committee consisting of the technical leads for each area of research and the institutional points of contact.

TSTT Institutional Roles

Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne will co-lead the effort on mesh quality and optimization with SNL. It will contribute to the discretization library, interoperable meshing, and terascale computing efforts. It will lead the interactions with the CCA Forum, climate and Biology applications.

Brookhaven National Laboratory. BNL provides the Director of TSTT. It will lead the application effort and provide applications contact for climate (adaptive simulation) and accelerator design (PIC codes) and several other applications. It will provide support for finite element discretization and for FronTier development.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. LLNL will co-lead design and implementation of the meshing hierarchies and mesh component design with RPI. LLNL will be responsible for the enhancement of mesh generation tools for structured and hybrid meshes, the discretization operator library performance optimizations through ROSE, and will coordinate delivery of hybrid mesh technology for the Accelerator design project.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Oak Ridge will collaborate with SNL, ANL, and others on mesh quality, enhancement and interoperability, and will aim at applications in astrophysics.

Sandia National Laboratory. Sandia will collaborate with LLNL, RPI, and others on interoperable meshing, domain decomposition, and terascale computing. SNL will lead interactions with the SLAC accelerator group and co-lead the work on mesh quality and optimization with ANL.

Rensselear Polytechnic Institute. RPI will lead development of meshing and discretization technologies for high order methods, co-lead the development of the meshing hierarchies with LLNL and Sandia, co-lead the development of the discretization library with LLNL, provide key components for the terascale computing technologies and will coordinate the development of contributions to the fusion application.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. PNNL will collaborate on interoperable meshing by creating a CCA-compliant, parallel mesh generation and discretization component and will co-lead the terascale computing effort and coordinate the efforts in the biology applications for biology simulation models.

State University of New York, Stony Brook. Stony Brook will be the lead for interoperability of FronTier and the development of FronTier-Lite. It will lead in the development of conservative and higher order versions of FronTier. It will lead in the spray simulations and oil reservoir applications.

TSTT People

Name Institution Phone Email
Michael Brewer SNL 505-844-8916
David Brown (PI) LLNL 925-424-3557
Kyle Chand LLNL 925-422-7740
Sohae Chung SUNY SB
Ed D’Azevedo (PI) ORNL 865-576-7925
Valmor de Almeida ORNL 865-241-2906
Christophe Dupré RPI 518-276-2578
Petri Fast LLNL 925-424-2649
Paul Fischer ANL 630-252-6018
Lori Freitag (PI) SNL 505-284-9711
Joe Flaherty (PI) RPI 518-276-6305
Jim Glimm (Director) BNL/SUNY SB 631-632-8355
Bill Henshaw LLNL 925-423-2697
Ahmed Khamayseh ORNL 865-241-4624
Myoung-Ngoun Kim BNL 631-344-2089
Patrick Knupp (PI) SNL 505-284-4565
Manoj Krishman PNL
Robert Leland SNL 505-845-8439
Thomas Leurent ANL 630-252-6735
Xiaolin Li (PI) SUNY SB 631-632-8353
Darryl Melander SNL 505-844-9711
Brian Miller LLNL 925-424-4773
Mohan Nuggehally RPI 518-276-8560
Wonho Oh BNL 631-344-8156
Anders Petersson LLNL 925-424-3804
Dan Quinlan LLNL 925-423-2668
Roman Samulyak BNL 631-344-3304
E. Seegyoung Seol RPI 518-276-8560
Mark Shephard (PI) RPI 518-276-8044
Tim Tautges SNL 608-263-8485
Harold Trease (PI) PNNL 509-375-2602
Lynn Trease (PI) PNNL 509-375-2602
Zhiliang Xu SUNY SB
Ning Zhao SUNY SB 631-632-7566
Yongmin Zhang SUNY SB 631-632-8552