The Terascale Simulation Tools and Technology (TSTT) Center

The Terascale Simulation Tools and Technologies (TSTT) center is one of seven mathematics and computer science integrated infrastructure centers (ISICS) in the Department of Energy’s Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) program.

The primary objective of the (TSTT) center is to develop technologies that enable application scientists to easily use multiple mesh and discretization strategies within a single simulation on terascale computers.

We are focusing our efforts in the areas of high-quality, hybrid mesh generation for representing complex and possibly evolving domains, high-order discretization techniques for improved numerical solutions, and adaptive strategies for automatically optimizing the mesh to follow moving fronts or to capture important solution features.

We are encapsulating our research into software components with well-defined interfaces that enable different mesh types, discretization strategies, and adaptive techniques to interoperate in a “plug and play” fashion.

All software is being designed for terascale computing environments with particular emphasis on scalable algorithms for hybrid, adaptive computations and single processor performance optimization.

To ensure the relevance of our research and software developments to the SciDAC goals, we are collaborating closely with both SciDAC application researchers and other ISIC centers.

In particular, we will insert existing TSTT technologies into fusion, accelerator design, climate modeling, and biology applications, and thereby have both significant near-term impact on those efforts as well as receive the feedback necessary to ensure our success.

We will show the potential long-term impact of TSTT center research by deploying hybrid solution strategies in SciDAC applications and demonstrate the ability of researchers to easily obtain superior simulation results.

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